Cravaack to hold town hall meeting on the Iron Range

U.S. Rep. Chip Cravaack (R-MN8) will hold his first big public town hall meeting on the Iron Range Tuesday night from 7-8 at the Mountain Iron Community Center just off of Highway 169. I’d bet this event is packed with supporters and opponents of the Congressman and could be quite the lively affair. Kudos to the Congressman for having an unscripted event in the heart of the Iron Range. If you’ve got something to say about national policies and how they affect northern Minnesota, stop on by.


  1. I agree, good to see Cravaack personally staying in touch in this manner. My archives don’t go back far enough to pull up a similar meeting held by Oberstar…somewhere in the ’70,s, I think.

  2. Oh, yes, Cravack has really been knocking himself out staying in touch with the Rangers. I fully expect his Tea Party fans will be there in droves, outshouting those who are not.

  3. Typo- “Cravaack”

  4. I’m sure the Tea Party, that shows up on their own, to voice concerns over a state/nation spending more than they can afford will be better behaved than union thugs that show up on orders from leaders. Those 50-70 year old Tea Party folks are a dangerous crowd…..

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