Follow MinnesotaBrown’s new Facebook page

Fans of this blog should follow the new MinnesotaBrown Facebook Page. My cool new Facebook real estate is at

Until now I’ve offered a Networked Blogs feed for Facebook that many of you follow. I’ll still support that feed but I ask that all of you “like” the new page if you’re a Facebook user. It’ll create smoother social media interaction for the blog and won’t require the cumbersome application of Networked Blogs.

As many of you know, a website’s number of Twitter and Facebook followers is a sort of currency that can allow me to market the blog and my writing to larger audiences, providing me the financial support to keep doing this at no cost to you. Please show your support. It’s free and you won’t be harmed. I will not use my Facebook or Twitter list for anything other than sharing material from this blog or related content.

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