Glasses guy and mustache guy have good night in Canada.

The Canada Global Post reports that Conservatives there won a “crushing victory” in yesterday’s election, which is to say that they won 40 percent. In a multiparty contest that’s sufficient to win a majority of parliament, however, and this is the first time Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s party has done that. The CBC has a full page of election news.

I wrote about the election yesterday, paying some attention to Canada’s left-leaning “third party” the New Democrats and their leader Jack Layton. The NDP surged, nabbing vast amounts of support from the once dominant Liberal Party (which sunk below 20 percent) and the regional Bloc Quebecois, which was all but destroyed.

Harper and the Conservatives remain relatively unpopular in Canada, except in their now established base. This means that Layton and the New Democrats get four years to reorient themselves as a viable opposition party. (By the way, Harper sometimes wears glasses and Layton has a mustache). Together, the NDP and Liberals outpace Conservative votes by double digits. Should those voters ever unite you could see a major realignment. But that’s a very American political thing to say. In Canada, they will resume never talking about politics until the next election.

Meantime, I’ll have to keep my dream of a modern American “mustache vs. glasses” election alive somehow.

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