Gov. Dayton catches fish, universe reaches equilibrium

I think this provides the necessary thematic close to the Minnesota Governor’s Fishing Opener, or at least my posts on the topic. (Photo: Governor Dayton with Grand Rapids fisherman and host Scott Glorvigen after catching a northern pike. The fish was released).


  1. I want a Governor that’ll catch a walleye, not a snake northern, be shown cleaning it, frying it up in oil in a pan and eating it….. Yes folks that’s what us outdoor types do, we don’t release everything.

    While Dayton is cleaning his walleye, I’d like to hear why folks who make money and create jobs here in Minnesota will stay and be taxed to death. He’s so out of touch with Minnesotans, he feels that everyone with money is like him, and are saying “please State of Minnesota, take my money, you’re doing such a bang up job I want you to have more of my money”. Folks with money can move and will move when over taxed. Just look at New Jersey, who tried the Dayton model and lost thousands of money makers to other states.

    I digress, please Gov Dayton catch a walleye.

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