Range energy project given breath of life by desperate lawmakers

I did not miss the fact that the state legislature expanded the exceptions and special language for a proposed Iron Range coal gas power plant advocated by Excelsior Energy, a new company formed in 2001 by energy industry lobbyists. I saw the news. I was well aware of this bill’s slow slinking through the back doors of the legislative process. I just don’t know what to say about it yet. The company is still spinning golden promises, but the best argument any lawmaker can make is “If we’re going to get the people’s money back we’ve got to give them more time and money.” This is a gambler’s prayer, aided best by strong liquor. I already spoke about the issue earlier this spring. I’m quoted here in MN Today on MPR calling EE’s Mesaba Energy Project the IRRRB’s biggest mistake. I still believe that.

I do admire this company’s ability to get anything it wants passed in the legislature regardless of the political environment. They’ve got helpers. Those helpers will be regarded dimly in Range history.


  1. The coal burners who came from Northern States Power/Excel Energy have used up millions of other people’s money in ten years, for a project that lost its brownfield site, has no customers, fills no electric power need in the region, is based on an unproven industrial technology, and will put additional CO2 into the atmosphere without sequestration.

    It is time to end these futile efforts and eat the losses all around.

    -former Electric Power Technology Transfer Manager at Union Electric Company, St. Louis, MO

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