B’nai Abraham Center to hold benefit jazz concert on the Range

A cultural center in the last remaining synagogue on the Iron Range will hold a benefit concert Thursday night featuring jazz singer Connie Evingson, a Hibbing native, and a host of other Minnesota jazz musicians including the Miltich boys from my west Range township.

The B’nai Abraham Museum and Cultural Center in Virginia stands a remnant of a once vibrant Jewish community on the Range. In recent years B’nai Abraham has ceased regular Sabbath services due to lack of people, but a dedicated group of volunteers and donors have kept the place alive as a cultural center.

Evingson, who grew up down the street from Bob Dylan’s boyhood home, is a renowned national performer who has appeared often on public radio and in marquee jazz shows around the country.

The B’nai Abraham Museum and Cultural Center Presents:
Connie Evingson, Dave Karr, Sam Miltich and Matthew Miltich
Playing ’40’s JAZZ on Thursday, June 16, 2011, at 7 p.m.

Connie Evingson is a great nationally-known vocalist, who performs regularly in Minneapolis, and around the world. Dave Karr, from Mpls, plays sax, flute, clarinet and just about everything else. Matthew Miltich lives in Grand Rapids, and is a bassist. Sam Miltich plays the guitar, loves gypsy jazz, and lives in Northern Minnesota.

Tickets are $10 apiece, and can be bought at the door from 6:15 on, or from the Virginia Area Historical Society after June 1 – cash or checks only. The concert is being underwritten by an anonymous donor but DONATIONS TO THE FRIENDS OF B’NAI ABRAHAM are welcome.

The B’nai Abraham is located at the corner of 4th Ave. and 5th Street South. The Virginia Area Historical Society is located at 800 9th Avenue North – 218 741 1136

Here is a sample of Evingson’s singing:

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