MN-8: covering a key northern toss-up

MinnesotaBrown is the only daily news blog operating on Minnesota’s Iron Range (Right? Why not? I’m going with that). As a result, when the conch shell is blown I will cover the closely-watched 2012 MN-8 congressional race. This week I’m posting a series on the state of the race at this early date.

I’ve held off on this because lately thinking about politics has made me hate myself. I am going to be the Spock that goes into the radiation chamber for you, Minnesota!

Over the next few days I’ll talk about the district, how redistricting will change it and summarize what we learned from 2010. Along the way I’ll rattle off short posts about incumbent Rep. Chip Cravaack and his potential DFL challengers, non-challengers and stalking horses. I’ll conclude with a post about the campaign and what voters (especially voters with television sets) can expect in 2012.

One note regarding campaign coverage: I will post news analysis here at the blog but will share smaller items such as individual endorsements, campaign tidbits and other statements in the MinnesotaBrown Facebook and Twitter feeds. Like and follow those feeds for the full experience.

Join me at noon today for the first post in my series.


  1. This blog is definitely my source of Iron Range News. Especially since the Hibbing paper locked me out for refusing to pay. Thanks Aaron, for keeping me informed!

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  3. I wonder what the DFL strategy will be, they will probably beat Cravack over the head with Medicare reform and other Republican middle class evils.

    Personally I would hate to see a carpetbagger like Taryl Clark get the nomination. How about someone from the Range or Duluth? Carpetbaggers really piss me off, even when I think they are doing a good job like Franken is.

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