Promising new blog from Harvard econ major with Range roots

I’ve got to give a plug to Tony Sterle over at “A Little Bit of Liberal.” Tony will soon graduate with an economics degree from Harvard (the actual one, not the nickname for the community college where I work).

Tony’s point of view is that of a pragmatic liberal advancing reasoned, researched ideas about modern politics. While his Range roots and experience working Range campaigns inform his perspective, he is thus far writing (quite well) for a much larger audience. I used to be Tony’s speech coach at Hibbing High School. Check it out for yourself. He’s got some work to do to get the word out, but I think he’s got potential to add a lot to the political discussion on the internet. And that’s a good thing.

UPDATE: Oh, hell. I didn’t know that Tony had named “10 under 35 — DFL up-and-comers on the Iron Range” and listed me among them. Damn, the man is brilliant. I was unaware of his kind remarks at the time I wrote this. I promise.

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