Summer is here

There are baby woodpeckers out my front door, baby some-other-kind-of-birds out my back door. It hit 90 on the Range today. I got the crisscross pattern into some of the lawn; still working on the rest. The garden is growing. The boys started swim lessons today, including the younger boys for the first time. Summer classes started today. If the government doesn’t shut down that will keep me busy through the July. I’ve got three essays in progress, a phone message from the GM of a local mine and my state representative. This summer is shaping up nicely. I’m sorry I don’t have more posts, but they’re coming. Let me know if you’ve got any suggestions or tips.


  1. 1)Weinergate would be a good light-hearted topic.
    2)The lawsuit against Boeing would be interesting and pertinent and a little more serious.
    3)Or the dandelion glut we experienced this year for something totally benign..but being discussed in coffee shops.
    Just three simple thoughts…

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