I’ll be on the radio Monday with Scott Hall on the 91.7 KAXE Morning Show at about 7:20. The topic is Minnesota’s 8th Congressional District and the 2012 election featuring incumbent freshman Rep. Chip Cravaack (R) and his three announced DFL challengers: Jeff Anderson, Tarryl Clark and Rick Nolan. Themes will closely match my blog series on MN-8, which has garnered some attention. You can listen live in northern Minnesota or streaming online from anywhere.

UPDATE: My interview was bumped for an interview with some legislative players in the Minnesota shutdown/budget negotiations. Stay tuned for the rescheduling.


  1. With Cravaack moving his family to New Hampshire the DFL nomination for this office just became a lot more valuable. I wonder if some of the big names, aside from Nolan, will wish they hadn’t sat this one out.

  2. The people spoke, Cravaack is in. The people haven’t changed their thinking. The DFL could put Hillary against Cravaack…and still lose.

  3. Admittedly even under his new arrangement Cravaack will spend more time in the district than Oberstar did but that isn’t exactly setting yourself against the gold standard.

    If you think that 8th district residents will be indifferent to having a new Congressman whose only remaining tie to the district is that he is the district’s Congressman I think you are mistaken. If the DFL were mad enough to nominate the ultimate carpetbagger, Clark, then he would have a good chance. But this will weigh heavily against him. It is a pity as he’s been doing a vastly better job than his predecessor.

  4. And that”better job” would be what?

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