Futility loop: State shutdown halts filling of Range rumble stripes

A couple weeks ago I was talking to this guy who works in the St. Louis County highway department and he asks my opinion on the rumble stripes. Rumble stripes? Those are a thing? Well, now I see that they are a thing.

This story has everything. Rumble stripes prevent deaths but make noise. Noise is bad. So the county is filling in the rumble stripes, but now we’re not so sure if that’s a good idea. Also, the state shutdown has halted the rumble stripe filling. The county commissioner is wearing a green shirt with an American flag tie. All of this means something


  1. I don’t know whether there are federal standards to govern such things, but the neighbors have a legitimate beef: these strips are cut right on the fog line. I’m not sure I’ve seen that before. Aren’t they usually outside the line, and therefore less apt to be driven on?

  2. These strips have woken me up before, and probably saved my life more times then I care to realize. However, cjh makes a good point, why are these on the fog line and not to the outside of the lane?

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