Much-maligned former BP boss Hayward to oversee Range project?

MinnPost’s Don Shelby has a fascinating scoop about how the parent company of Polymet, which is proposing new nonferrous mining on the Iron Range, has hired Tony Hayward. You might remember Hayward as the CEO of BP during the massive underwater Gulf Coast oil spill last year. Hayward’s job with Glencore: Overseeing environmental policy and practices.

Here on the Range this is a fascinating turn of events for a project that’s complained of a slow environmental review process amid criticisms of potential long term environmental damage. The economic/political/environmental drama level is now securely set at “11.”

UPDATE: Polymet tells MNIndy that Hayward will not be involved in the Iron Range project, that he’s involved with some other higher level function in Glencore. OK, then. Still an interesting public relations issue that will surely be revisited in coming days.


  1. Polymet’s parent company hire of Tony Hayward tells me all I need to know about the company. How the rich can continue to fail upwards while kicking the less fortunate down is beyond me. What a slap in the face to all the people who have had their lives destroyed by that man.

    Rangers, beware!

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