Tony Hayward story making waves in Range mining vs. environment clash

Northland’s NewsCenter offers an update to yesterday’s revelation that former BP head Tony Hayward is now working for Glencore, the company behind the PolyMet project here on the Range:

UPDATE: I must add, as I mentioned yesterday, that PolyMet has said that Hayward will not be involved in its Range project. That’s true, but I consider this worth discussing anyway. The issue at the core of the debate is the long-term, legacy commitment by the company’s corporate family to taking responsibility IF any unforeseen disasters take place in the future. No one expects or wants a disaster, but I believe it’s fair to ask questions about Hayward’s record at BP in this larger context.

If a company would be willing to make a binding long term, post-mining commitment to future environmental responsibility I think the permits would be forthcoming, a crucial step to the financing and mining plans of PolyMet and other companies on the Range.

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