Bikes, deer and rock ‘n’ roll; let’s do this week right

We begin the week with some Iron Range stories that you might have missed if, like me, you’ve spent the last couple weeks trying to find a historical precedent for what’s going on in America (hint: noooooooo!)

The annual Great River Energy Mesabi Trail Tour is next weekend. The ride spans from Chisholm to Grand Rapids with different start points along the way. This is a great way to see the western Mesabi Range and the towns near where I live. The Mesabi Trail is just wonderful, a living tour of Range mining history, railroading, natural beauty and old machinery left to rust. It’s a challenge and a joy, just like living here.

Gov. Mark Dayton will hold this fall’s annual Governor’s Deer Opener event on the Range near Biwabik, Minnesota. The governor’s fishing opener was held in Grand Rapids last spring, so this will be quite a year for Range-area towns vis a vis the governor wearing custom t-shirts on site.

Iron Range rock ‘n’ roller Paul Metsa has a book coming out. I learned in this story he once played Siberia. One thing about being from the Iron Range is that when someone says “Siberia,” you say “Hmm. I’d kind of like to see that.” I would gladly take a gig in Siberia if they wanted to know more about the Range. I’d find out that there’s parts of Siberia that are more like America. They’d find out that there’s parts of America that are more like Siberia. I’ve got the wardrobe for this.

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