County schools scolded for referendum stumping

The state court of appeals rapped the St. Louis County School District for campaigning for the 2009 referendum that funded the district’s current consolidation and construction plan. (Story: MPR’s NewsCut) This could have a big impact on the way districts handle future bond referendums. This is no small thing, as the state school funding shift and decreased state as a percentage of GDP will lead more districts – especially rural districts – to go back to their taxpayers for help.


  1. I really don’t know if this district bent the truth when they did this advertising (I’m not willing to study this at this time) however, I do wonder, who is supposed to advocate for the districts in the public eye? Can we rely on miscellaneous lay people advocating for a bond issue? Will they know the whole story? Who feeds them the information? We know that there will be plenty of people saying, “No new taxes.” These people may or may not have the whole story and all the facts, but for sure, they have their pocketbook in mind. Can somebody please explain why a school district shouldn’t advocate for a bond issue?

    If a reader answers this, please address it as a general issue, not related to ISD 2142.

  2. Neither side should be able to use taxpayer dollars for political mailings. If district employees and other people in the community are in favor of a bond referendum, they can spend their own personal money to promote it. And yes, there will be people in the community (or communities in case of ISD 2142) who will be willing to donate to support referendums. In Duluth, you’ve probably heard a lot of chatter about the “Red Plan” in recent years. The Chamber of Commerce and lots of local business people came out in favor of it. While I thought they spent a bit too much money to make the buildings extra fancy, I thought it was a good plan and would have voted for it had it gone to a referendum. But I certainly would not have supported the district spending taxpayer money to campaign for it if there were a referendum.

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