Dennis Anderson named co-host of Almanac North

Tonight WDSE Channel 8, the PBS station in northern Minnesota and Wisconsin, announced that beloved retired WDIO Channel 10 (ABC) anchor Dennis Anderson will assume duties as the new co-host of Almanac North. This is a weekly news magazine that does a fine job of exploring the region’s headlines. It serves in the shadows of the larger TPT Almanac program in the Twin Cities, but you’ll enjoy the quirky charm of a less shiny set.

Anderson, the most recognized and respected TV journalist in the region’s history, will be a superb co-host with Julie Zenner. He replaces Darren Danielson, who took his old job at WDIO. Denny gets one more of these before he gets the Favre label.


  1. It must be just focused on the northeast. Lakeland television doesn’t carry it (Bemidji/Brainerd). I didn’t even know it existed.

  2. It’s a production of WDSE in Duluth. I am speaking of the Duluth TV market. I always see you guys as more of a central or north central region. But I’m not trying to cause geographic friction. 🙂

  3. It is good to see programming originating outside the Twin Cities. I enjoy Almanac (I watched it from its first year to 1988 when I left for the service and then resumed 20 years later) but it is Twin Cities-centric.

  4. I hope this is an opportunity for him to cut loose. There used to be other adults on the 10 o’clock show, and often, somebody would tell a joke or do something funny during commercial. They would be laughing so hard coming out of the last break that he could barely say “be kind”!

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