DNT continues must-read investigation into failed Range project

Peter Passi of the Duluth News Tribune continues his must-read investigation into the troubles facing Minnetonka-based startup Excelsior Energy. Over ten years Excelsior received more than $40 million in public funds for its “clean-coal” Mesaba Energy Project on the Range but has little to show for it.

Today, the story is where Excelsior stands today. Nearly out of money, the company is grasping for a last-ditch effort to convert the project to natural gas. Minnesota Power and Xcel Energy reiterate that they aren’t interested in purchasing the electricity.

The only part of the story left untouched is the deep and abiding ties between lobbyists and officials with Excelsior Energy and elected officials of both parties here on the Range and across the state. I’ve already talked about that.

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