Governor orders work on state’s broadband needs

From the governor’s office:

Today, Governor Mark Dayton issued Executive Order 11-27, establishing the Governor’s Task Force on Broadband and continuing his commitment to strengthening our state’s infrastructure and fostering a strong business climate.   The Task Force will be charged to expand broadband access in Minnesota.  Dayton’s stated goal is “border-to-border” high-speed internet and cell phone access throughout Minnesota.

Governor Dayton also directed the Minnesota Department of Commerce to create a Broadband Development Office and convene a subcabinet of agencies to work on statewide broadband policies.
“Our state’s history of economic success has shown us how vital a solid infrastructure is to building a strong business climate.  Broadband access is an important part of that 21st century infrastructure,” said Governor Mark Dayton.  “Broadband accessibility is an issue that is critical to growing our state’s economy – particularly in Greater Minnesota.  As long as there are inequities in access to broadband in Minnesota, we will see those same inequities reflected in our schools, hospitals, and businesses.  This task force will give our state an action plan for identifying and correcting these disparities so that Minnesota can compete and thrive in a global economy.”
We will be focused on concrete ways to build broadband for Minnesota’s homes and businesses,” said Commerce Commissioner Mike Rothman. “By working together, we will ensure that we set the best possible foundation to meet Minnesota’s broadband needs and goals.”
If Minnesota can get its act together on broadband penetration we could be ideally set up for new online entrepreneurs. No earthquakes, no hurricanes, only somewhat politically unstable. That’s fertile ground for the future.

On a more serious note, the Internet Innovation Alliance has released another of its convenient graphic arguments for expanded broadband, this one focused on jobs and the economy:


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