Thomas the Tank Engine arrives in Duluth

If you have preschool boys in America you know all about Thomas the Tank Engine. I have three boys who’ve grown up with this talking train, his friends and the odd human controllers who interact with them on the vaguely British Island of Sodor.

Have I written about this before? Yes, I have. A time or two. I’ve got all kinds of opinions on Thomas, ranging from which narrator is best (Alec Baldwin) to the repetitive nature of Thomas plots (all of them require the trains to locate some sprawling back story on a tiny island that inexplicably no one had talked about it in the 60 years leading up to it.)

But this is getting real. Starting this weekend, Thomas the Tank Engine is in my area code. He’ll be appearing at the Duluth Depot the next two weekends, Aug. 5, 6 and 7 and 12, 13 and 14.

My family will be attending one of the days. I’ve managed to skip nearly all political events held in this region in 2011, but skipping Thomas is not an option.

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