BWCA fire reaches historical proportions

The big story in northern Minnesota right now is the raging Pagami wildfire in the Boundary Waters Canoe Area in the state’s arrowhead region. About 500 firefighters will be working by day’s end to battle the 100,000-acre blaze which now threatens the region’s tinderbox of timber blown down more than a decade ago. The Milwaukee Brewers had to close their retractable stadium roof because of the smoke from this fire and people as far away as Chicago can reportedly smell the fire.

This is already the biggest wildfire in Minnesota since 1918 and could become even larger because of the dry, windy conditions right now.

(Photo: Derek Montgomery/MPR)


  1. I obviously haven’t been watching the news. I didn’t even know we had a wildfire raging until I saw someone from Chicago mention the smoke on a forum thread about the Texas wildfires. I should probably pick up a paper. Or read some local blogs. I hope everyone can stay safe!

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