Cougars go east

Fans of my column about the Black Hills/Connecticut cougar a couple weeks ago might appreciate that this summer another cougar was spotted heading east in view of trail cams across northern Minnesota and northern Michigan. The plot thickens!


  1. 5 years ago I saw my 1st cougar along the bunker grade south of Hibbing, a couple miles north of the Alborn spur (east and west grade), on a bike ride.
    I called the DNR, and their response…… hold on…… “it’s just passing through.” huh, really??
    Well every year since I’ve seen this cougar, and last fall I saw there is now 2; a mating pair? You bet!!
    I haven’t made my way out that way just yet, this year, but I will bet my pay-check their still out there, AND NOT just passing through!!
    Why does the DNR think that we are stupid? Hmm I guess it goes with the territory. Lol


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