Crime, car wash bath, cozy times in northern Minn.

The Grand Rapids Herald-Review is playing a hot hand. Their police reports, the style of which is local must-read material, included a couple gems this week:

Things that make you go “huh?” A man stripped at the laundromat in Bigfork, put his clothes in a washer, then went to the car wash to bathe. He was taken to an area hospital for evaluation and then released. Reported at 2:08 p.m.

Then, later

Thankfully all was well: The Grand Rapids Police Department received a report of a domestic argument at 4:07 p.m. It was not even close to an argument, but rather a couple being very cozy.

You can’t beat the style of these things. They fill up a whole broadsheet page of a newspaper. Most of them relate to alcohol and violence, but every tenth or eleventh item is like these. These two here took place during the day. The after hours material is grimmer, but equally unusual.

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