Farewell September, October looks interesting

This hasn’t been a great week for blog content but I will give you a hint at some of the things I’m working on. Naturally, Item #1 has been the Great Northern Radio Show coming up Saturday, Oct. 15 on the stage of Hibbing Community College and live on 91.7 KAXE.

I’m also working on a column or longer blog post related to high speed internet issues. After my TEDx talk early last week, I’ve been fielding some questions about the topic. I’m working on a piece related to the business of fast internet — how it’s could be extended to wider audiences, made faster and why all that matters to the economy of the future.

This is a weird mix of topics, so I’m not doing a good job sharing everyday Iron Range news these days unless you count massive, obvious fires. Send items along if you have something I’ve missed.

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