MinnesotaBrown @mnblogcon 2011

My wife the Northern Cheapskate (TM, not what I call her around the house) and I will be attending the Minnesota Blogger Conference in Minneapolis tomorrow. Thought it’s perhaps self-indulgent, I may share some amusing thoughts about my foray into the dense, urban core of Minnesota’s blogosphere on Saturday.

If you’ll be there say hello. My years in the woods have ground my social mixing skills down to the kind of stump you could drive over with a lawnmower. Help me out.


  1. Aaron
    I’d suggest you attend the session – “How to start earning money with your blog – Sean Ryan and Dan Buri”. Not sure but it might offer some insight into how the real world of capitalism works…

  2. I’ll be there – your blog is new to me, but I’ve seen Northern Cheapskate, she’s awesome! Hope to meet you tomorrow!

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