Speaking Monday at #tedx1000lakes in Grand Rapids, Minn.

I’m excited to announce that I’ll be speaking this Monday at the TEDx 1,000 Lakes Conference in Grand Rapids, Minnesota. The event runs most of the day on the stage of the Reif Center for the Performing Arts. The theme is “Expanding Opportunity” and my presentation is titled “Courage: Northern Minnesota’s Untapped Resource.”

TEDx is a locally organized spin-off of the popular TED lecture series that internet people adore so much. I’m now told that efforts to stream the event live on the internet have hit a snag, and Monday’s TEDx talks will be shared online a few days after the event. Nevertheless, a live audience will still be in attendance and I believe you can still get tickets. There will be live tweeting at #tedx1000lakes, of which I may partake @minnesotabrown.

The lineup of speakers shows an array of ideas about expanding opportunities for the future of northern Minnesota. Readers know this is a topic I visit often and I aim to provide a new twist in my presentation. I’ll do my best but I’m glad this is an exhibition and not a competition as the others speaking on Monday are bringing some formidable ideas and talents with them. Watch online or in person and join the conversation.

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