Winter and other seasons

Sometime it’s informative to see how others see the places and institutions you live every day. To that end, the Duluth News Tribune recently ran a story from the Times of Northwest Indiana (covering Hammond, Gary and surrounding areas). The story runs over some familiar territory, showing how Duluth faces many of the same struggles of other Great Lakes cities but has found some unique ways to spur growth. The story is worth a read, but a particular line caught my attention.

Then there’s the “(expletive) cold,” said Charlie Stauduhar, owner of Spirit Lake Marina & RV Park, describing the weather in winter and other seasons.

Winter … and other seasons. And the writer’s hand is tipped.

I’m sorry, I have to vent on this. I know the winters get cold here in northern Minnesota. Colder than, for instance, those in Gary, Indiana. But it gets hot in the summer. Fall and spring are somewhere in between.

We live in a temperate climate with four distinct seasons. The cold makes us wish for the hot. The hot makes us wish for the cold. The rest is unpredictable. But that does not make it cold all the time.

When you live in northern Minnesota you can walk outside and now exactly which part of the year is spinning past you, as your mortal boulder rolls down from the moutaintop. We are aware of the futility of fighting time. I find this to be comforting. Buy a coat.


  1. On of the peculiar joys of the season is the day in spring when I realize that I can walk outside without a hat, mittens, coat and boots. Ah, freedom!

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