10,000 Lakes, 10,000 Logos

Now this is neat. Nicole Meyer, a graphic designer in Minneapolis, has begun creating original logos for each of Minnesota’s famed 10,000 lakes (actually there are 11,842), something she’s calling “Branding 10,000 Lakes.” She estimates this will take 27 years. These are wonderful pieces of art.

Lake Vermilion:

Check out all the subtle angles in Triangle Lake:

Which lake is this?

Split Hand, of course. All of this just makes me want to send my local lake to her for consideration but I’m going to play it cool. She’ll get there eventually. Seriously, though, check out the artistry.

UPDATE: How could I miss this one?


  1. The Lake Vermilion logo is nice, because it is “scenic” but the others are more bland.

  2. You obviously don’t appreciate logos the way I do. 🙂 Good logos speak with force and brevity, and many of these do just that. Check out some of the others, if you like scenery.

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