Local food showcase slated Nov. 1 in Grand Rapids

One of the trends you’ve seen build in recent years is the idea of local food production and consumption, an idea centered around sustainable life. Here in northern Minnesota that used to be called “surviving the winter” and nearly everyone did it. The practice fell out of favor with the advent of the Twinkie, only now we’ve realized that the Twinkies gave us an obesity epidemic and a major trade deficit with China.* So back we go, only we need some help getting the population up to speed.

This crossed the wire just recently. You can click the link below to see the speakers and sessions:

All residents of northeastern Minnesota who are interested in local food and food access are invited to a workshop on Tuesday, November 1st from 4:30 pm to 8:30 pm at Itasca Community College and the University of Minnesota’s North Central Research and Outreach Center. Farmers, farmers’ market staff, and agency and non-profit staff who work on issues of health and food access are especially encouraged to attend.

A delicious local food meal will be served in the ICC Dining Center. Cost of the workshop, including the meal, is $10. Thanks to the generous support of Blue Cross, that fee is waived for the first 100 people to register. Also through Blue Cross support, travel scholarships of $25 are available for up to 40 participants. Find the registration form and brochure online at www.misa.umn.edu; or contact Jane Grimsbo Jewett to register: jewet006[at]umn.edu, 218-845-2832.

*Twinkies, in this case, are a metaphor and should not alone bear the blame for our woesome times.

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