Range board trims mine tax rebate, rebuffs transparency plea

I’ve gleaned two bits of news from today’s Iron Range Resources and Rehabilitation Board meeting. First, the iron mining production tax refund (money paid back to mines after taxes for capital projects) was cut in half amid the record mining profits of the last year. The money kept will be dedicated to public works projects in the Taconite Tax Relief Area.

Rep. Tom Anzelc (DFL-Balsam) made efforts to seek more IRRRB transparency for economic development projects after the failures of the Excelsior Energy project to create jobs despite $40 million in public financing. He tells me that his motion failed, but that he was not alone in voting for more transparency. The DNT, Mesabi Daily News and others covered the meeting. I’ll post links to those stories when they come across.

(Disclosure: Anzelc is a friend and neighbor and I’ve run his legislative campaigns).

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