T-3 Days to Great Northern Radio Show: De Elliot Bros.

Each day this week I’ll be sharing a story about the Great Northern Radio Show, an original live radio variety show debuting 5-7 p.m. Saturday on 91.7 KAXE from the stage of the HCC Theater in Hibbing. You can follow the show on Facebook or find out more at KAXE.org.

Today I’m highlighting one of the biggest elements of the show, De Elliot Bros jug band. “De” Elliot Bros. are from Duluth and include a handful of experienced and versatile musicians. I lost count on how many instruments they’ll be bringing with them. At least two of the guys are trained as “one man bands.” De Elliot Bros. are part comedy, part folksiness, part tradition and all entertainment.

Friends and followers of the blog know that the hiring of a jug band was a seminal moment for the early production of the Great Northern Radio Show. Going with a jug band means you publicly reject the notion of the typical guitar/bass/drum/vocal set seen on late night talk shows, and adopting a different sound. For a guy producing his first variety show, this brought a flood of worries. Now that I’ve had some time to work with the music and the band, led by longtime Duluth musician and artist Elliot Silberman, I am no longer worried. You’re going to like what these guys are doing this Saturday. They’ll be the first thing you hear when the show begins at 5 p.m. on 91.7 KAXE, live from the HCC Theater.

De Elliot Bros. are just one of the musical elements of the show, which veers into singer/songwriters, classical selections, popular tunes and a full choir. Many numbers draw from our Iron Range location, but some will certainly surprise you.

The Great Northern Radio Show doesn’t have a house band. It has a house jug band. And there is a difference. See you Saturday!

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