Eleven Eleven Eleven Eleven Eleven

It’s 11:11 on 11/11/11. Let’s talk about 11.

Eleven is the number that says, “Things are about to get different.” Eleven is the number that says, “Stop right there, our numeric system is Base 10.” Eleven teaches kids that one and one does not always make two. Eleven is beyond fingers. It needs more.

Eleven shows up and then you don’t see him again. Does it send a birthday card? No, that is not how Eleven plays. Don’t bother looking for Eleven. He ain’t comin’ back.

Sure, there’s Twelve. But Twelve is just Eleven reheated. Eleven is Bob Dylan. Twelve is the Beatles after they got good. You can’t have Twelve without Eleven. Thirteen? That’s the Monkeys.

Eleven seems out-of-place, an odd reminder that numbers need language, too. Eleven sounds like Elevate. Up, beyond, more. Things will never be the same now that Eleven has passed.

Photo, Creative Commons, Leo Reynolds


  1. I like this. A lot. I don’t fully understand the impetus, but it’s strange and cool!

    Very hipster of you Brown.

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