Range, Duluth business legend Paulucci dies

Iconic Iron Range and Duluth entrepreneur Jeno Paulucci has died just four days after the passing of his beloved wife, the philanthropist Lois Paulucci.

Paulucci died this Thanksgiving morning at the age of 93. The Duluth News Tribune has published a comprehensive obituary. Paulucci really is a rags to riches story, a poor kid from Hibbing who built national brands. His fascinating story intertwines with the complex narrative of our modern region and nation.

We lived in an apartment across the street from one of the family-owned groceries Paulucci’s large family owned and operated in Hibbing. It is such a small little house. The store was in the front; the family lived in the back. He was 12 and heavily involved in the business, which was only the first of many.

Paulucci’s time as one of northern Minnesota’s most influential private citizens was not without controversy, but he earned deep respect, gave back to his community and accomplished many things through his own ingenuity.

Condolences to the family and friends of Jeno and Lois at this extremely difficult time.

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