The dawn of Winter’s Empire

Each year around this time elements of Winter take hold in the social fabric — cooling the temperatures, stripping the leaves.

Winter-inspired political thinkers and writers organize within our institutions. They prepare the people for the idea of winter, tout winter virtues, indoctrinate our youth. Winter won the elections. Winter runs the trains. Winter forms the plans.

Yesterday we got our first meaningful snowfall, about an inch or so. As I looked out over the horizon the snow clouds looked like a “V.” It was a flight formation for the early raiders. “V” for Victory. It was not the decisive blow that would establish the Winter Empire. It was, nevertheless, the beginning of Winter. Intelligence has learned that a snow storm is expected this weekend.

Winter will now occupy our cities and roads, our rails and our minds. A generation will pass and Winter will cement its power. Only much later will the idea foment that Winter may be defeated: Sprigs of warmth, green shoots of hope. It is then that the opposition will thaw Winter’s Empire.

This is a time in our distant future.

Photo: Looking up at first snow, Nov. 15, 2011, in my back yard.

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