Filling the holes, finding lost dreams on the Range

A friend of this blog Elanne Palcich recently wrote a commentary for the Iron Range Hometown Focus newspaper about the mining heritage of the Range and what it has meant. While Elanne can be counted as a strong opponent to many of the mining projects we hear about around the Iron Range, I do believe her holiday-themed message adds value to the discussion about northern Minnesota’s undetermined future.

It’s impossible to create a new future by repeating history over and over again. During this season of both tradition and hope, we need to truly discover ourselves apart from a story that holds us in bondage. We need to discover how we can make a land that is full of holes and lost dreams whole again. This season, we need to rediscover Minnesota, to find our true roots and a new vision to carry forth, in the name of our ancestors.

Read her complete work for an interesting perspective on the history and people of this often misunderstood little corner of the world.

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