New site shows more to the Range than just iron

Today the Iron Range Resources and Rehabilitation agency unveiled a new website called “Made on the Range.” The site lists goods and services produced here in northern Minnesota’s Iron Range region. It’s an interesting service available for those who like to patronize local businesses and those from afar who wish to find out more about unique products from this unusual place.

As more businesses populate the directory this could be a cool service. As it stands now it puts you just a few clicks away from potica on your doorstep.


  1. We’ve always enjoyed potica so this caught my eye.

    I’d agree, this could be a good old fashioned Yellow Pages of local goods and services.

    I was going to encourage a couple of friends of mine to list there businesses until I saw how Sertich had to go and politicize what could be a good thing:

    “When you buy local from Minnesota-based entrepreneurs and neighborhood retailers, there’s a better than even chance you are helping Minnesota’s environment as well as the local economy”.

    Show me the proof…”better than even chance”? What does that mean? Helping Minnesota’s “enviroment”? WTF is that?? Sounds like a global warming statement. These baseless statements don’t belong on here.

  2. I know you’re sensitive to the climate issue, but I don’t think that’s what the commissioner is referring to. I think he’s talking about the practice of sustainability, making more efficient use of fuels and resources by focusing our spending power on goods made locally. Yes, it’s an idea often advanced because it would recuce carbon emissions, but you don’t HAVE to accept the premise of climate change for it to be a good idea. It saves fuel and bolsters the ecconomy where you live. And I don’t think there’s anything wrong in saying that improves the environment. Fewer carbons burned = better environment. Having been around a few oil fires in my youth I do believe this is a fact.

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