Shifting from wars to, well, just about anything else

Some friends of mine passed this along.

Jack Nelson-Pallmeyer, professor of Peace and Justice Studies at the University of St. Thomas in St. Paul, is coming to Grand Rapids for a talk regarding MN ASAP: Minnesota Arms Spending Alternative Project. A resolution process to build political support to shift federal spending priorities of war to meeting essential needs for Minnesotans.

6:30 MONDAY at Davies Hall at Itasca Community College in Grand Rapids.

JNP, as he is known colloquially, continues to hold a great deal of attention among liberals in my neighborhood. I’ve not seen him speak but I’ll share the news for those who are interested.

Update: Ugh, I forgot to mention the date. It’s today, Dec. 12. 


  1. Funny. Manning levels in the Air Force have been cut by more than 50% since the late 1980s. If only we could get a fraction of those cuts in the civil service across the rest of the federal government.

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