Wind, pumps and pits: a fantasy to become real?

WDIO reports the latest idea proposed in a study from a group at the University of Minnesota-Duluth. It goes like this: Wind turbines, pumps, mine pits, kinetic energy and market speculation based on the premise that electricity is worth different amounts of money at different times of day.

Why the hell not? Charlie Chaplin movies promised us a future with machines of uncertain purpose. Let us collect on our destiny. The study was funded indirectly by Great River Energy and Minnesota Power, so we presume capital might be found for such endeavors.

The only downside is that this system requires everyone to agree in perpetuity about the existence and value of “money.”

In closing, jobs.


  1. Could you change your name to Minnesota White for a few weeks? It would give me a little hope for the holidays.

  2. Wish I could. (Not sure many would understand). I’m used to “Brown Christmases,” but not “Brown Brown Christmases.” 🙂

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