Cool new nicknames for Iron Range cities

Suggested nicknames for the major cities of northern Minnesota’s Mesabi and Vermillion iron ranges, listed without commentary (west to east):

Grand Rapids: G-Rap
Coleraine: Raine Maker
Bovey: V-Bo
Taconite: Tac Attack
Marble: Marbs
Calumet: The Met
Nashwauk: Wauker Texas Ranger
Keewatin: Kee West
Hibbing: Histocity
Chisholm: Chisel Town
Buhl: Water City
Mountain Iron: Myron
Virginia: 53169
Eveleth: Eva-last
Gilbert: Broadway
Biwabik: Pen City
Aurora: Sky Light
Hoyt Lakes: Hoy Hoy
Babbitt: Babs
Embarrass: Frozone
Tower: Too Tall
Soudan: The Underground
Ely: Electric Ely


  1. Buhl-Mt. Iron = “Ferrous Buhler.”

    [Try the veal, etc. . . . ]

  2. Nicely done. I was hoping to encourage some of this.

  3. “Pengilly” already sounds like hip-hop slang and cannot be improved upon.

    At the other end of the Range, a Brooklyn native will find “Hurt Legs.”

    This is how we spend our time in January.

  4. These remind me of a Batman comic!

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