KSTP "On the Road" features Sunrise Deli

KSTP’s On the Road segment with Jason Davis featured the owners of the legendary Sunrise Deli in Hibbing as they made the decision not to close down, but to continue as a wholesaler of the popular ethnic foods that characterize the Iron Range.

It’s been a turbulent year for Hibbing food landmarks. The similarly named, similarly beloved, but independently owned Sunrise Bakery recently moved from its iconic location on the north side of Third Avenue East, the elbow of the road that pivots up to the old vacated North Hibbing location. It is now located in a smaller refurbished building along the old Great Northern tracks, now used only to bring coal to the municipal plant.

As Jen at “I [heart] Hibbing” points out, sometimes you can’t fight the changes. Indeed, sometimes you shouldn’t.

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