Magnetation mulls Northland pellet plant

This has been rumored for a while, but Magnetation is now confirming to WDIO they are considering several sites for a new iron pellet plant in the region. A site near their scram mining operations in Itasca County and a site in Superior, Wisconsin are among those under consideration.

I had heard whispers about the Itasca site, which is near their ore reserves. Superior is news to me, though as a major rail and port city serving Minnesota’s Iron Range it would fit in the company’s supply line. More on this in the morning.

UPDATE: The story goes on to reveal that sites in Indiana and Illinois are also among the four being considered. It would appear that the company is choosing between locating this processing plant near its ore supply (Itasca County), a major distribution hub (Superior, Wis.) and potential steel-making customers (Illinois and Indiana).

Unlike the many taconite plants on the Iron Range today, this mill would produce taconite pellets from material salvaged from old red ore dumps around the Range. Question is, does the ore leave the Range as unprocessed concentrate or as finished pellets ready for the furnaces?

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