More MN-8 candidate interviews on the way

I was hoping to run all three MN-8 DFL candidate interviews this week but we have experienced delays. Rendering these massive digital files has taken longer than expected and Richie has been working hard to polish the videos up for broadcast. I still hope to run Jeff Anderson today, but it looks more like we’ll have to run Tarryl Clark on Monday. I am running the interviews in the order in which they were conducted and trying to be conscious of when the “traffic” is relatively equal, to be fair to all concerned.

This has been an good training exercise for us. We had a little unexpected trouble with the sound quality because we didn’t have a mixer available as planned. It’s OK, but more like documentary sound than studio sound. We’ll have this problem addressed for the next interview with Chip Cravaack and will also apply the lessons of this exercise to future content here at the blog. I’m still glad to have done this and it only paves the way for better content into the future.

UPDATE: Word is that both Anderson and Clark will likely have to wait until Monday. Sorry!

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