This January heat is a killer

I just went for a walk outside. I had to unzip my coat. I sweat through my shirt. This is Hibbing, Minnesota.

The temperatures in northern Minnesota are running 50 degrees warmer than you often see this time of year, a couple dozen degrees above average. There’s almost no snow in open areas, just an unending sea of mud and grass. Maybe this is winter in some places. It is deeply disturbing for those of us along the Laurentian Divide.


  1. Iron Range Warming…most likely Chips fault 🙁

  2. i bet you have some more real knee slappers about climate change, Ranger. Sure haven’t heard much patter from the deniers this “winter”.

  3. That’s because Iron Range Warming has become a non-patter, non-controversial issue Jackie. 1) Is it happening? – yes. 2) Will it continue? – unsettled science. 3) What are the pros/cons? – silence. 4) What’s causing it? – unsettled science.

    Folks have moved on to important issues…like “do states have the right to ban contraception?”.

  4. Wow, someone’s itching for a fight today.

    I would point out that this is post in which the substantive content is a Microsoft Paint picture of a snowman swimming away from a sea of mud. Maybe we take it easy, eh?

  5. Ok, *-)

  6. I see Ronald McDonald dressed in a kimono (and white shoes after Labor Day!), stepping on the ear of a snowman trying to hide in a canoe.

  7. Jackie oh Jackie…you should learn to think/speak for yourself.

    Tell me again, did dear ‘ole don get his scientific training from the same school as algore? No need to answer.

    As long as it’s acceptable to post links…try this one. It’s much more credible

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