Apparently Riverdance is still happening

Duluth schools, UMD, air travel and more are closed due to today’s blizzard. Many highways are impassible. Nevertheless, Riverdance, the celtic dance sensation, is a go. They are in Duluth. They have nothing else to do and must leave tomorrow.

Chuggita Chuggita Chiggita Chuggita Chuggita Chiggita, Chunk Chuck Chick, ZING, WHUMP, (pause), Seamus, Seamus are you OK?

That was the sound of Riverdance on a slippery stage.

Whooooooooooooo Whoooooo Woooooooo Whoooooooooooooo tap tap tap Whooooooooo Whooooooo Whoooooooo Whooooooo Wooooooooooooo! tap Whoooooo Whoooooooooooo tappity tap WHUMP Whooooooo! (long pause) Sniff Sniff Bark Bark!

That was the sound of a Riverdance dancer trying to fight a blizzard wind, ultimately succumbing to the elements, and being located the next day by search dogs.

DOCTOR: Oh, my God! I’ve never performed this many frostbite arm amputations in my life without also amputating their legs. It’s as though these people somehow furiously moved their legs for vast, sustained stretches of time but inexplicably kept their arms entirely motionless, even as the cold gradually consumed their flesh.

In Riverdance they don’t move their arms.

That is all.

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