Keillor, Prairie Home dodge the snow for big show

You can hear the Duluth episode of Garrison Keillor’s “A Prairie Home Companion” here. I wrote last week about the program’s expedition to the head of the lakes over the weekend. The DNT and Star Tribune reviewed “Prairie Home’s” stop at the DECC.

Naturally, everyone’s talking about the “10 Things to Know Before you Move to Duluth.” It’s funny and well-grounded in local culture.

I was hoping for a little more Iron Range in the show. Titled “Here Lies the Stardust,” I had thought that he’d reference the the iron in the earth, a remnant of stardust from the creation of earth. None of that; only the hint. My favorite original song from the show was probably Keillor’s “In the Pines,” which reminded me of many stories and feelings from life north of Duluth.

The line: “In the pines, in the pines, you go to work in the mines or else you go to work in the woods. If you want to be a pastor or broadcaster don’t bother ’cause you aren’t any good” cuts a little close, but I suspect that’s only because it feels true.

If you liked this show, you might like the one we do up “in the pines,” or own crippling self-doubt held in abeyance by the bluegrass sounds of “Two Many Banjos.”

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