MPR details disturbing patterns of pursuit in remote MN county

The perils of cultural isolation and human nature appear in so many surprising ways. There’s “The Lottery,” of course, and backwoods places where all manner of family arrangements might not pass their way into a lighthearted sitcom. And then there is this shocking story from Minnesota Public Radio today. It details the prevalence of older men pursuing young women and teenagers in the rural, remote city of Grand Marais.

It certainly shouldn’t be taken as a sign that this is what everyone does or accepts in Grand Marais. My sister lived there for years and enjoyed it; but also saw some shenanigans such as these described. This is regardless a very compelling piece of journalism that will open some interesting discussions up the shore. I’ve been up there several times and also find it a wonderful place, with scads of quirky characters.

But where one finds adorable quirky characters one may also find quirky characters of the not-so-adorable stripe. God doesn’t make the diamonds. God squeezes the coal.

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