Tarryl Clark: the MinnesotaBrown/KAXE interview

Today I feature an interview with Tarryl Clark, DFL candidate for Congress in MN-8.

Tarryl Clark is a former State Senator from the St. Cloud area. She is now co-chair of the Jobs 21 initiative based in Duluth.

This interview was conducted Jan. 18 at the Minnesota Discovery Center in Chisholm as part of a series that includes Clark’s DFL opponents, Rick Nolan and Jeff Anderson. Later in February I plan to interview the incumbent, Rep. Chip Cravaack (R-MN8).

The interviews are presented by this blog and KAXE-Northern Community Radio. Richie Johnson of Hibbing shot and edited the footage for us. An audio package is being prepared for KAXE to air sometime before the Feb. 7 precinct caucuses and the DFL nonbinding straw poll. You’ll be able to see the full video interviews on local public access television. We are working on a way to share excerpts from the interviews elsewhere.

Click here to see the interview

The first segment of my interview with Tarryl Clark covered her introduction, a discussion of job creation, the federal budget, taxes and health care reform. The second segment of my interview with Tarryl Clark covered her positions on transportation and infrastructure issues, high speed internet, foreign policy and nonferrous mineral mining on the Iron Range.

The final segment of my interview with Tarryl Clark covered criticism over her move from MN-6 to MN-8 after being defeated by Rep. Michele Bachmann in 2010. We also talked about whether she’d abide by the DFL endorsement. She gives some closing thoughts.

For more on Tarryl Clark, visit her website.

Thanks to Richie Johnson, Minnesota Discovery Center and KAXE for supporting this project.


  1. She handled herself reasonably well. I don’t think her answer on the carpetbagger question was very strong but in fairness to her it probably isn’t possible to construct a strong answer given the transparency of what she did. I think every Republican in the district is pulling for her as it is the only way Cravaack can defuse the issue of moving his family out of the district.

  2. If unfettered words spoken per second are important, she’s a shoo-in..

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