Winter’s Empire Strikes Back

We’ve made much of the lack of snow this winter. It’s still poised to be a well-below-average snow year here in northern Minnesota, and certainly a record warm season. Nevertheless, inexplicably (well, it being winter) it began snowing again last week. We got about 10 inches at our house over the weekend in Itasca County and today the regional center of Duluth may get blitzed, at least by this year’s standards.

So, ya know. Some snow there. Not so much but something for the snow machines to chew up. Not as much as last year, ya know. Enough to shovel, though. Ya. Kinda knew we’d get it eventually. Nice ’cause it was lookin’ like we wasn’t going to have a winter. Ya. 

I’ll continue the snowman series, as this is becoming my favorite new feature on the blog.

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