Anzelc bill demanding IRRRB transparency advances

A bill by Rep. Tom Anzelc (DFL-Balsam Township) requiring more transparency for potential development projects by the Iron Range Resources and Rehabilitation Board has cleared a committee hurdle in the State House, advancing in an Omnibus civil law bill.

The bill has no Senate counterpart, where Iron Range senators have been cool to the idea. That means the provision would probably have to survive conference committee and would be part of a bill that Gov. Mark Dayton may or may not sign for different reasons. This is the bill that emerged from the ongoing failures in the Excelsior Energy project, a proposed coal gasification power plant that never got off the ground despite massive state and federal subsidy.

(Disclosure: Anzelc is a friend and I run his legislative campaigns).


  1. Of course, the senators are cool to it. They all were involved in that fancy footwork.
    Good on Anzelc.

  2. By “all the Senators”, you mean Baak..

  3. I mean Tomassoni, Saxhaug, and Bakk……and assorted representatives.

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