Faster permitting amendment offered to aid Magnetation

Rep. Tom Anzelc has proposed an amendment hastening the permitting process for scram mining operations like Magnetation in a state House bill. There was a not-too-small recent hullabaloo over where Magnetation might locate their proposed processing plant, which would turn their iron concentrate salvaged from area mine waste dumps into traditional taconite pellets. Magnetation extracts its product from northern Minnesota, but there was talk that Superior, Wisconsin, or other locations might get the plant. Anzelc’s bill is an attempt to address some of Magnetation concerns.

Recent trouble with mining permits in Wisconsin have illustrated that permitting is tricky business no matter which party is in charge of the legislature.

(Disclosure: Anzelc is a friend and fellow Balsam Township resident. I run his legislative campaigns; however, I’m not acting as a spokesperson here).

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