New Lyric exhibit shares blue collar Range images, more

The Lyric Center for the Arts in Virginia, Minnesota, opens a new exhibit with a Saturday reception from noon to 2:30 p.m.”Paintings and Sketches by the Pros: Albin Zaverl and Bob Maki” shares the work of the venerable painter Zaverl and the sketch artist Maki. Both have worked most of their careers on the Iron Range.

I was stricken by this Zaverl painting shared here from the Lyric poster. The colors so exemplify the woods of our region, almost like the place exists in a natural sepia screen. And that guy’s shirt and hair evoke such nostalgia for the Range of my youth and my parents generation. That’s everybody’s grandpa around here, a craftsman and greaser. You know that canoe is still around.

The Lyric Center for the Arts is located at 510 – 514 Chestnut St. in Virginia.

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